Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Grand Seiko 9F quartz caliber

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Grand Seiko 9F quartz caliber

The new incarnation. Caliber 9F, 25 years on.
The new incarnation. Caliber 9F, 25 years on.

In 1988, the Grand Seiko team made a new quartz caliber that was worthy of the high standards that the brand’s fans demanded. At that time, rapid advances in quartz technology were being made but most were focused on the addition of new functions. The Grand Seiko team thought differently. They decided that they could, and should, go further by focusing on the simple essentials of precision and durability, in line with the ideas that had always inspired Grand Seiko.

the 1993 original

They set themselves a new goal that would place Grand Seiko far ahead of every other quartz watch. They decided that to be the ‘ideal’ quartz watch, a new caliber was needed that would be even more precise, more durable and more in keeping with the aesthetics of Grand Seiko. Five years later, in 1993, Caliber 9F83, the first 9F caliber, was completed. It delivered advances in every aspect. Its hands were as long as those on every other Grand Seiko watch, the calendar change was instantaneous and the durability and reliability was enhanced. Caliber 9F incorporated key innovations such as a backlash auto-adjust mechanism to eliminate any shuddering of the second hand, a twin pulse control system to deliver increased torque and a unique protective shield to minimize the risk of dust coming into contact with the gear train or stepping motor. No effort was spared and, still today, Caliber 9F can lay a strong claim to being the highest performance quartz watch in the world.

Paying homage to a landmark advance in quartz watchmaking.

The new limited edition pays proud homage to the 1993 design. Its case and bracelet retain the soft contours of the original. There are, however, stylistic enhancements. In line with contemporary taste, the case is slightly larger, the Grand Seiko name is now at the 12 o’clock position and the dial carries a special pattern based on the traditional Quartz symbol with, above the six o’clock marker, the 5-pointed star which, symbolizes the extraordinary precision rate of + 5 to – 5 seconds a year. The Grand Seiko lion emblem is in 18k yellow gold on the case back. For the eagle eyed, the dial pattern at the 25 minute positon is also subtly different; the symbols 9F and 25 are discreetly shown. This commemorative watch is offered in a limited series of 1,500. It will be available in selected markets from April 2018.

A see-through case back limited edition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Caliber 9F

The second commemorative edition with a 18k gold bezel
The second commemorative edition with a 18k gold bezel

The high quality of the caliber
shines through the sapphire case back.

A second limited edition also commemorates the 25th anniversary of Caliber 9F. The case design is a contemporary re-interpretation of the celebrated 44GS from 1967 and showcases the beauty of the finishing on the 9F movement through an exhibition case back. The robust construction is clear to see and the striped pattern of the engraving bears witness to the care taken on the finishing on every 9F movement which, albeit hidden behind the case back in every other model, is assembled and finished by hand to the same high standard. It has a specially enhanced precision rate of +5 to -5 seconds a year. The dial, with its special markings and star symbol, is the same as on the first commemorative edition, SBGT241, and the bezel is in 18k gold. It is a limited edition of 600 and will be available in May 2018 at Grand Seiko’s retail partners in selected markets.



Caliber 9F 25th Anniversary Limited Editions

Caliber 9F83 (SBGT241) / Caliber 9F82 (SBGV238)
Accuracy: ±5 seconds per year (at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C)
Stainless steel case and bracelet
18k yellow gold bezel (SBGV238)
High definition dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Screw see-through case back (SBGV238), Screw-down crown (SBGT241)
Diameter: 39.1mm (SBGT241) / 40.0mm (SBGV238)
Thickness: 10.9mm (SBGT241) / 10.0mm (SBGV238)
Water resistance: 10 Bar. Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Limited Edition of 1,500 pcs (SBGT241) / 600 pcs (SBGV238)
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